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Dead of Night
Sunday, 12 July 2009 19:25
Dead of Night
"The dead have risen, and as night falls you stumble across this isolated building. Get in, secure it, find supplies and plan your escape or hold your ground until help arrives."
Version: 01.2007
Author: Simon Spearing
BGG: 27736


There may be out buildings – perhaps there is a car? The power is out – is there a generator somewhere? Is the building deserted or have the inhabitants become zombies? Have the zombies already got in? Have the owners left a shotgun and chainsaw in the shed or are you going to have to hold back the army of darkness with a wok and a table leg? One thing is for certain: they are after your brains and more will come. Two things. Whether you fortify the house and make a stand or get a car running and head for the nearest shopping mall or army base, as the horde outside grows and the groaning and banging on the doors and windows becomes unbearable, dawn seems far, far away.





Get inside and make it safe. You will need to search the house and grounds to find equipment, weapons, and a possible escape plan, so you will want to keep the zombies outside until you are ready for action. You could decide to defend an area and hope you can hold out until the army regains control, or try to get everybody in a car and try to escape. Either way, you will probably want to act as a team and keep everybody armed and healthy, unless you want to grab a shotgun and make a run for it, leaving your housemates unarmed as the zombies crash through the windows. You could set fire to the house if things get really desperate. You can blow things up, burn them down, or hit them over the head. The game ends when somebody makes it to the road in a fuelled up vehicle, or when the final card is drawn, which signifies the break of dawn and the arrival of the army to restore order. If you can survive until the end of the game, you are a winner. The survivor who best fulfils their objectives will come out on top. -Rulebook

Original Game Downloads
Contains rules, tokens, rooms, scenario and scenario maker. Cards are missing! Please download the alternative cards below to make this game complete. If you happen to have access to the original cards, then please let me know.
Version: 01.2007
Author: Simon Spearing
Download: Zip Archive (37 MB)
Game Help Files
Contains playing aid and an extensive FAQ.
Version: See individual files
Author: See individual files
Download: Zip Archive
Alternative Cards
Contains an alternative card set with different artwork and style. You need to download this to make the game complete and playable.
Version: 03.2008
Author: Plissken2013ES
Download: Zip Archive (20 MB)
Fullcolor Token
Contains all the tokens in a fullcolor, easy to pring format.
Version: 03.2008
Author: Simon Spearing
Download: Zip Archive